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Jivo Canola Oil is extracted from the seeds of the yellow Canola flower. It has the lowest saturated bad fat amongst all oils, very high monounsaturated good fat, which make it heart healthy oil. it has high smoking point. Jivo Canola can be used for all types, methods and varieties of Indian cooking: frying, roasting or grilling. It hardly soaks into food during the process of cooking. Get lighter, less greasy food even when you deep fry. It is also suitable for western cooking and baking. It reduces bad cholesterol and help improves the heart health. Canola oil is oil made from crushed canola seeds. One of the best oils for heart health, canola oil has less saturated fat than any other oil. Canola oil is also very high in healthier unsaturated fats. It’s higher in the omega-3 fatty acid alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) than any other oil except flaxseed oil. ALA is particularly important to have in your diet because your body can’t make it. Studies show that ALA may help protect the heart through its effects on blood pressure, cholesterol, and inflammation. The FDA allows canola oil makers to label their products with a qualified health claim that there’s “limited and not conclusive” scientific evidence that switching out saturated fat for the same amount of canola oil may reduce risk of heart disease. Canola Oil Nutrition In addition to canola oil’s hearty helping of omega-3 fats (9%-11%), it’s also very high in monounsaturated fat (63%), a healthy fat. Another bonus: Canola oil contains phytosterols, molecules that reduce the absorption of cholesterol in your body. When it comes to saturated fat, canola oil is lowest compared to other oils: Canola oil is 7% saturated fat Sunflower oil is 9% saturated fat Corn oil is 13% saturated fat Olive oil is 14% saturated fat

All-in-one oil. item_form: liquid
Perfect oil for all types of frying and cooking.material_features: vegetarian
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