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Why you should sell on an eCommerce Marketplace?

With the huge involvement of Internet in daily lives and large number of customers buying products online globally, the advancement of eCommerce industry is flourishing day by day. If you are a retailer then the idea to sell online could never go wrong in terms of business growth. Selling online expands your reach globally which helps them to make more profits then usual. There are numerous ways of selling online apart from starting an online website, retailers can even sell their products through Marketplace. The growing competition among sellers encourages Marketplace to implement some new strategies to attract more customers to your product. Customers often prefer buying products from Marketplaces because of the wide variety of products and the ease of the all-in-one shopping. Apart from this, selling products on Marketplace could offer you much more.

Below are some of the reasons to start selling products on Marketplace:

1. Huge audience access:

The Marketplace  for online shopping automatically provides you the accessibility to all it’s customers  without having to spend any money on marketing. It’s a good opportunity for small business owners to gain good profits without any advanced investments.

2. Low Startup Cost:

As Marketplace has all things set up at one place, the retailer has to hardly make any investments other than some no expenses. Thus, some Marketplace  has minimal cost involved on selling in their Marketplace site for example:  etc charges:

  • Monthly Subscription Fee for selling on their platforms
  • Listing Fee or Commission which is a standard amount for every product they listed on the Marketplace’s catalogue.

However we do not believe to have any start up cost.

3. To increase trust level:

It usually happens that the users buy the same product as of yours from the Marketplace due to lack of trust. Once your product reaches to Marketplace, it will get more exposure and this will definitely motivate the users to go for instant purchase. It’s also beneficial in getting high sales and revenues too.

4. To reach Global Market:

Marketplaces provides you an option to expand your business reach globally with minimal efforts. Sellers can access millions of potential customers globally without making any advance investments. This would definitely boost up your cross border sales and overall business growth.

5. Enhance your brand’s visibility:

If you are a newbie in the eCommerce industry, it’s obvious that customers are unaware about your brand and products. You surely need recognition in the market. Marketplaces helps you to boost up your brand and visibility by listing all your products on the web page.



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