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1) for hair fall 2) for making hair strong 3) for dandruff flakes 4) for split ends 5) for hair greying and/or whitening 6) for dry brittle hair 7) for sticky oily hair 8) for hair’s shine 9) for thick growing hair 10) for soft and silky hair amla – highest amount of antioxidants, antioxidants can repair your damaged hair cells and can protect your existing hair cells from further damages. Reetha-: reetha is known to contain antioxidant enzymes. And for catalyzing the effect of the blessing antioxidant enzymes on hair, iron plays an important role. Shikakai:- For the absorption of iron from reetha, you will need vitamin c. Vitamin c is also an antioxidant nutrient. That is found in large quantities inside the hair benefiting from shikakai.

This product is suitable for hair fall for making hair strong
For dandruff flakes, for split ends, for hair greying and whitening
A genuine one and high quality
100% Organic Product
Both men and women’s can use. Apply on hairs and you will see good results
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