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Suitable for all types of Indian cuisine and deep frying May help in lowering bad cholesterol Good for homemade mayonnaise. Extra light Olive Oil is rich in oleic acid, thus, it can resist very high temperatures and has a high smoke point. This feature makes it a great product for frying every kind of dishes. This oil is especially suitable as an ingredient in bakery products (cakes, bread, bagels, biscuits, etc.). Thanks to its neutral taste, this oil can also be used as dressing on foods whose taste is preferred not to be altered. Jivo brings to you the finest range of Basmati Rice, optimally aged for perfect flavor. Grown in the farms of North India Jivo Basmati Organic Rice adds a matchless taste with its rich aroma to your life. Packed in a hygiene state-of-the-art packaging facility. The majestically long and slender translucent grains of Jivo Organic Basmati Rice can be used to prepare your favorite recipes, including mouth-watering pulao, biryani, or jeera rice. Bring home an enticing pack of Jivo Organic Basmati Rice and you will be asking for more.

Ideal for Indian cooking including sautéing and deep frying.
Use in pasta and for the dressings .
Good for homemade mayonnaise.
May help in lowering bad cholesterol.
Extra-light olive oil has a higher smoke point than other regular oils.
Rich in antioxidants and free from carbohydrates.
It has too light aroma, and can be use in daily cooking.
Full of nutrients, Helps to reduce bad cholesterol. Regular consumption improves digestion
Basmati Rice is Organically grown without pesticides and fertilizers.
Basmati Rice comes with absolutely no harmful pesticides.
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